Britney Bennett

I was honored to learn the ins and outs of who Britney Bennett truly is. Her loss has given her the strength to grow and learn more about who she is as a person. Following her on the trail and watching her in her element was the experience of a lifetime. I don’t ┬áthink there … More Britney Bennett


This photo was of Oswald Lake in Lexington, South Carolina. It was taken around 11 in the morning so the shadows were challenging because the sun was about at its peak height in the sky. I also struggled with the reflection off the water. My first couple takes were somewhat blue. I took this photo … More Maps

The Ocean

This is a photo of the pier on the Isle of Palms beach in Charleston. I use the ocean as my escape from reality. I intended on spending most of spring break here but I ended up having to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a funeral. Instead of spending time on the beach, I was … More The Ocean

App State Baseball

I went to the Gamecock baseball game on Tuesday, February 28th. As the game went on, the sun started to set and I struggled with the lighting. The higher my ISO got, the more pixelated or grainy the photo got. After about 6 o’clock, the pictures didn’t turn out as well but overall, I thought … More App State Baseball

World of Beer

  I spent my Saturday afternoon at the Beer Festival in Columbia, SC. I was slightly surprised when I got there because the people that were there were not my age. I expected people to be more my age or twenties. The variety of ages surprised me. I was also pleasantly surprised at how everybody … More World of Beer

Daring Danger

While attempting to shoot a portrait on the beach, I realized quickly that it is not easy to expose for the background and the subject be well lit. The water was turning out white. I learned that photography isn’t as easy as I originally thought it would be. I ended up moving my subject and … More Daring Danger

Abbey in a Bottle

Hi. My name is Abbey Crider and I am USC student pursing a degree in Visual Communications. Those that know me may characterize me as a competitive, elite athlete with a “glass half full” personality. I tend to think outside the box in just about everything I do. They would also say that I have … More Abbey in a Bottle